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How to Design Custom Print Feather Flag And Teardrop Flag

Custom print of feather flag and teardrop design requires the designer has some thought, try some new ideas. But no matter which kind of design, Content~ word, logo, image and background are the main components. So how to design a great custom print content for advertising flags?

  1. The power of color

There are infinite possible color can be used in design. Color will show your visitors power, emotion, and being very attractive. We can use wild, gentle or romantic colors to attractive more attention. Anyway, color is very important in design.

  • Try different font

Sometimes, only with word can show very rich information to customers. Try different font and find the best one for your custom printed advertising flags.

  • Focus on the main content.

Do not show to much info on the custom print feather flags. One reason is there isn’t much space to show lot of information, the other reason is find the main points you want to express to customer.

  • Graphic can be used for making highlight

Consider to order words in special graphic which makes the printing looks nicer than always straight word

  • Delete extra content

Same as Point 3. Too much info will dispersed customers attention and can not the main points well.

  • Divide different level

Just like an article. Normally the title shall be in large bold font and blackbody. Other contents may be just normal word font.

If you need any help on the teardrop flag and feather flag custom prints design. You can simply use our online APP for the design and check the design sketch online. Or contact us do the design for you.

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How to Buy Exhibition Tent

Trade show tent are very good method for advertising. It can be used in many different industry. Easy erect and pack, light weight easy transportation, full color print are the main features of advertising tent. Here are some tips to buy proper exhibition tent.

1. Size: There are many different sizes to choose with like: 2mX2m, 2.5mX2.5m, 2mX3m,3mX3m,3mX4.5m,3mX6m etc.

Normally 3x3m (10ft) are the most being used because most trade show booth standard size are 3x3m.

2. Exhibition tent materials:

1) Fabric: 420D, 600D and 800D are the general fabric used for advertising tents. When we choose advertising tent, fabric durable or not shall be considered.

2) The frame: there are many different frames made from different materials. Like:

carbon steel frame with painting~ this kind of frame are heavy weight but not very strong, and are not very well rust proof, after using for a while the painting gone there may rust happen and the frame will broken.

Aluminum frame~ this are most popular in current market for its light weight and rust proof, but its price will be times of carbon steel frame.

Besides the frame material, the frame thickness and diameter also important. Especially when you need to use the advertising tent outside.

Also, the frame details like frame lock, joints etc shall be considered if its good for practical use.

3. Printing:

There are several kinds of prints method the price are different.

Some supplier offers full color print~ this you can print anything you want on the tent and any color you prefer.

Some other suppliers offers few base colors for customer to choose with and single color slogan to print on.

The costs between are a lot different this need to considered according to actual needs.

4. Print design:

Logo+ slogan are the most simple design. offers free design online~ you can design on our site by yourself and check your design directly.

Or you can simply place the order and send us your requirement, before printing we will design it and send you the design for check.


Like carry bag, full size wall or half size wall, wall print, guide ropes, pegs, sandbags all shall be considered if needed when you buy a exhibition tent.